26 au 28 février 2014
Montréal, Canada

OrientDB, the fastest document-based graphdb

OrientDB is a NoSQL graph database which also includes a document layer (like MongoDB): it gained a lot of attention, enough to push big companies like Sky and UltraDNS to use it in production: it's written in Java and it's amazingly fast, since it can store up to 150,000 records per second on common hardware; moreover, thanks to being a graphdb, it can manage relationship so fast that, compared to traditional DBs, can be 1000% faster than them.

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Alessandro Nadalin

Namshi | Rocket Internet

Alessandro Nadalin is a seasoned technical leader, who pays a lot of attention to enterprise patterns, methodologies and SOA, currently in Dubai working for Rocket Internet as VP Technology.
He has been involved in projects for the italian government, Samsung, Nissan, ENI and in the e-commerce scene in the Middle East.
When he’s not working, you can find him speaking at some conference, riding his motorcycle, blogging or eating some indonesian food in the old side of Dubai.

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