26 au 28 février 2014
Montréal, Canada

Overcoming Hurdles on the Mobile Web

In this session, I discuss the use cases for responsive websites versus custom-build mobile websites and discuss how to increase efficiency while developing for specific devices. I present ways to modularize our CSS using using LESS/Sass, how to use CSS grids to reduce time spent customizing CSS for specific devices, and how wireframes can reduce the amount of time we spend developing our products.

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Eden Rohatensky

GB Internet Solutions

Eden Rohatensky is a web developer, an interface designer, a musician, and a cat lover. She's passionate about making great user experiences and building cool things - and is currently doing both at GasBuddy. She is the chapter lead for Girl Geek Dinners, part of the organizing team of Regina's BarCamp, and participates in Regina's tech community as much as possible.

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