26 au 28 février 2014
Montréal, Canada

Patterns of Pluggable Gems

One strength of the Ruby community is the simplicity of sharing code via gems. Popular gems even develop their own ecosystem of plugins around them.

But extending a gem that wasn't built with flexibility in mind isn't easy. This talk covers the highs and lows of interacting with other gems. We'll cover how to make your gem easy to plug into, from patterns and events, to configuration and documentation.

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Jason Clark

New Relic

Jason fell in love with programming as a young boy watching his dad work in Clipper and dBase III (no, really). The obsession sparked there continues to this day. His current language crushes are Ruby and Haskell, and he works for New Relic on the Ruby Agent. When not at work, he enjoys experimenting with programming languages, cycling, homebrewing, and hanging out with his family.

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