26 au 28 février 2014
Montréal, Canada

Unbreakable Domain Models

The design patterns from Domain-Driven Design can help us to evolve from structural data models, to rich behavioral models. They capture not just state and relationships, but true meaning. Building from practical examples in PHP, I’ll show you how to use invariants, encapsulation, and specifications, to manage and test complex logic in the language of the business. These ideas will make your Domain Model expressive, unbreakable, and beautiful.

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Mathias Verraes

Value Object Comm.V

Mathias Verraes is an independent consultant. He advises companies on how to build enterprise applications for complex business domains. He specialises in curing large legacy projects: the kind where there’s half a million lines of spaghetti code, and nobody knows how to get the project under control. Mathias is the founder of the Domain-Driven Design Belgium group. When he’s not working, he’s building Lego with his two sons.

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