26 au 28 février 2014
Montréal, Canada

Web Scraping for Fun and Profit

Scraping information from the web is a really useful technique. This talk will show you how to write robust webscraping services using Python, lxml and the Requests library.

I'll cover how to disassemble a webpage to identify the data you want. Automatically testing scrapers to ensure continued reliability. Handling difficult cases.

My examples will be a price monitoring service and EventCity, an online events guide.

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Ben Lamb

The Digital Signage Company

Ben's been coding for over a decade working on many platforms including .Net, iOS and Python for a wide range of clients from large banks to small startups. He's got lots of ideas about what works and what doesn't. He's put some of those ideas into practise by launching EventCity, an online events guide. Previous talks have included 'How to Write Crap Code in C#' and 'How to Run .NET on Linux', both delivered at Microsoft's Developer Days in the UK.

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