Adam L Barrett

Adam L Barrett

Adam L Barrett is a JavaScript and Front-End consultant, a contributor to open source, and avid bike-shedder. Adam believes, when writing conference bios, he should probably mention his two children, his love of movies and probably his hobbies, like hosting a board game podcast, to help the reader connect with him as a person, but ...well, that sounds sort of manipulative so Adam has chosen not to. Adam is above that.

Sessions Montréal 2023

The Age of Micro Frontends

Session en anglais - Intermédiaire

With 2 major web technology advancements, container queries and the decoupling of module federation from webpack, Micro Frontends architecture about to become as ubiquitous and mainstream as microservices. So what do you need to know? What are the pitfalls and tradeoffs, and what can you do to introduce Micro Frontends to your web application architecture?

Using JS State Machines to fight monsters

Session en anglais - Intermédiaire

Finite State Machines are a powerful tool used to fight complexity in software.

In this talk we will explore how to use State Machines in JavaScript to make our code more readable and maintainable, while we refactor a simple game where awesome battle robots fight horrible monsters from the deep.

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