Iancho Dimitrov

Iancho Dimitrov

Iancho has been in the software industry for 20 years and considers himself to be an IT professional with business affinity, or the other way around. He has worn many operational hats – software engineer, BA, software architect, project and program manager, CTO, Business-IT Consultant. In his current VP role at Musala Soft Iancho covers both business and operational responsibilities - taking care of strategic clients success, business development and projects involving emerging technologies.

Sessions Montréal 2020

10x Accelerated Tech Career?

Session en anglais - Débutant

Is it possible to accelerate your career 10 times? I believe yes. Well, maybe you guessed I meant 10 as a binary number though :)
It's a fact, at least half of what it takes for an accelerated career has (almost) nothing to do with your technical skills.
In this talk I'll focus on the habits, attitude, activities and non-technical skills that enhance and accelerate your career growth - and with some discipline on these you can reap the results.

Do Architects Need Soft Skills?

Session en anglais - Intermédiaire

The career path to the Architect role is broadly regarded as the "pure" technical way forward, as opposed to leading teams and projects. And that's wrong.
An architect has many responsibilities requiring effective communication and collaboration with practically all other roles in the project team and beyond.
Join me to hear which soft skills I think are most important for an architect to be successful - and how obtaining them can be hacked.

Sessions Montréal 2019