Iancho Dimitrov

Iancho Dimitrov

Iancho has been in the software industry for 25 years and considers himself to be an IT professional with business affinity, or the other way around. He has worn many operational hats – software engineer, BA, software architect, project and program manager, CTO, Business-IT Consultant. In his current VP role at Musala Soft Iancho covers both business and operational responsibilities - taking care of strategic clients success, business development and projects involving emerging technologies.

Montreal 2023 sessions

Diagram It! - Visualization Techniques for IT People

English session - Beginner

A picture is worth a thousand words, they say - but unfortunately it is not always the case. If done right, diagrams are a treasure - but we've all seen and suffered from spaghetti diagrams and ones bringing confusion rather than clarity and added value.

Let's see what makes a diagram effective, what are the techniques and principles for creating good diagrams - and how everyone can get better at using this powerful communication tool.

Productive++: How to Fast Forward Your Dev Career

English session - Beginner

The developers' productivity has a big impact on all aspects of their professional life and career and even on their happiness. But what does productivity really mean? How can you keep getting more productive in your lifelong developer's journey - and keep coming closer to the mythical "10x developer"?
In this session, you will learn a bunch of experience-based techniques, tools, and tips in five different areas for improving your productivity.

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