Maarten Balliauw

Maarten Balliauw

Maarten Balliauw loves building web and cloud apps. His main interests are in .NET web technologies, C#, Microsoft Azure and application performance. He is Developer Advocate at JetBrains, and formerly founded MyGet. Maarten is a frequent speaker at various national and international events and organizes Azure User Group events in Belgium. In his free time, he brews his own beer. Maarten’s blog can be found at

Sessions Montréal 2023

Bringing C# nullability into existing code

Session en anglais - Débutant

The C# nullability features help you minimize the likelihood of encountering that dreaded System.NullReferenceException.

Introducing explicit nullability into an existing code bases is a Herculean effort. In this talk, we'll see some techniques and approaches that worked for me, and explore how you can migrate an existing code base to use the full potential of C# nullability.

Producer/consumer pipelines with System.Threading.Channels

Session en anglais - Débutant

Remember when everyone told you to use async/await so code could run concurrently? That’s still good advice, except it may not be the concurrency you are trying to achieve: sequential async/await calls are still sequential!

In this talk, we'll have a look at System.Threading.Channels, and how it can help you run code faster and with added concurrency, by tapping into its producer/consumer approach.

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