Roland Guijt

Roland Guijt

Roland is a Microsoft MVP, passionate developer, architect, international speaker, Pluralsight author and trainer (MCT). Disciplines are all of .NET, javascript + libraries and enterprise development. He's an independent contractor based in The Netherlands.

Sessions Montréal 2020

Getting a gRIP on ASP.NET Core gRPC

Session en anglais - Intermédiaire

gRPC is now natively supported in ASP.NET Core. It's more efficient than any API technique you've ever used and it's is way, way faster. That makes it very suitable for communication between microservices.
I will talk about what gRPC is but also how you can implement it right away in any ASP.NET Core application. On the consuming side there's also a lot to like!
You'll leave with the ability to create and consume APIs on steroids.

Put REST to Rest and Embrace GraphQL in ASP.NET Core APIs

Session en anglais - Avancé

How would you like an API doesn’t use REST, has just has one endpoint that has the ability to return data in a form that exactly suits the data consuming application? This becomes a reality with GraphQL!
After watching this practical session you’ll be ready to implement GraphQL in your applications and write queries against it. But most of all you’ll be convinced that using GraphQL has lots of benefits compared to REST!

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