March 10-12, 2010
Montreal, Canada

Open source configuration management systems

What system administrator has not at one point in his life written custom tools to help manage the complexity of his job? At first simple scripts, such programs have evolved today to sophisticated tools, called configuration management systems, able to manage thousands of servers.

No need to pay high fees for commercial products since today's open source alternatives are mature, robust and scalable.

Several tools are available, each based on different governing principles. Puppet, for instance, proposes a custom language based on a declarative engine, whereas Bcfg2 offers an XML-driven descriptive modeling engine. Other alternatives often cited includes Chef and Cfengine.

What tools are best for your needs? This conference proposes to enlighten you on the available options on the market.

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Guillaume Pratte

Révolution Linux

Guillaume Pratte is an analyst/developer working for Revolution Linux, a company specialized in deployments of large-scale Open source infrastructures. Programming at first mainly in Java in the corporate world, he embraced Python four years ago when hired at Revolution Linux. Being a developer in a sysadmin world, he had the occasion to create several system administration tools related to infrastructure and virtual servers management.

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