March 10-12, 2010
Montreal, Canada

PHP's industrialisation

PHP is now part of the normal tools at every IT department. Indeed, it must now cope with a raise in exigence and level of quality expected beyond it's famed scalability and fast development. What tools are needed to organize a large dev team and produce several hundreds of web site a year? Now is the time of industrialisation, where planning and organizing the code production must track bugs before publishing the code. We'll cover the tools and technics available to tame conception, production, publication and team work.

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Damien Seguy


Damien Seguy is CTO at Oximag, a China based online factory service company.

Damien works on bringing highly efficient internet e-commerce in the turmoil of China's industry. This is a daily juggling between cutting edge technology and traditional process, taking the project from the hardware up to the highest level of fengshui. Cultural challenge is never far.

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