March 10-12, 2010
Montreal, Canada

Pylons: you mean "fast" Web development? Live demo

Pylons is the swiss army knife of web applications in Python.

It leverages the simple yet powerful WSGI specs to give you end-to-end control over your web app. Make it an XML/JSON-RPC web service, a custom WebDAV client, an on-demand video streamer, an embedded Trac instance or a standard AJAJ app.

Python is "batteries included", with powerful libraries - and not only web-wise - for all sorts of applications, from scientific MATLAB-like data-crunching apps to video rendering and compositing, including some beautiful tools to handle databases.

All of this, in the clean, elegant, first-class object-oriented Python language.

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Alexandre Bourget

Tenscores Inc.

Alexandre is passionate about Python and the Web. He is the maintainer for the real-time web library `gevent-socketio` and has given many talks and workshops both on Web technologies and Python. He never fails to communicate his enthusiasm and stir up innovation.

After give years serving as a director at the free software consulting company SFL, Alexandre recently joined Tenscores, a startup developing an AdWords campaigns optimization platform (with Pyramid/MongoDB/AngularJS).

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