March 10-12, 2010
Montreal, Canada

Security by Design

While security is commonly referred to as input and output filtering and about preventing all kinds of attacks from becoming successful, there is a lot more on the non-visual side of web development.
This talk will uncover all the small details that may disrupt the users trust in you and your application. It is about all the things you may forget when developing your application and planning the environment. You will learn that even without doing anything wrong you can easily manage to do nothing right.

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Arne Blankerts

Arne Blankerts has already dealt with computers when networking was still an adventure. As long-standing head of development of an internet agency, he has created solutions far ahead of the times already years ago. As Co-Founder and Principal Consultant of The PHP Consulting Company (, Arne helps clients to develop software successfully. He is (co-)author of various Open Source tools, and is a regular presenter at conferences. In his free time he reads fantasy and likes to cook.

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