March 9-11, 2011
Montreal, Canada

Real-time web applications

Using a combination of Java, JMS, and Flash, data can be visualized in real time on a client. Real-time visualizations can be in dashboards, heat maps, charts, and numerous other interactive controls. Intended for developers looking to create applications with real-time data visualizations, this session will show how to set up a system that pushes real-time messages to a client from a Java EE server and how to create a rich internet application that renders the data. It will demonstrate how to:
- Configure a Java EE system that can push JMS messages to a client in
real-time or near real-time
- Build a Flash client application that renders data from the server
- Connect a client to messages using HTTP Streaming and HTTP Long Polling

We'll also discover how to enable in few minutes a text chat application, a video chat app, and a even a shared whiteboard application.

Real-time experiences will become the next generation of web applications.

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Michaël Chaize


Michaël Chaize is a Flash Platform Evangelist at Adobe where he focuses on Rich Internet Application and Enterprise Integration. Based in Paris, he works with large accounts that need to understand the benefits of rich user interfaces, leverage the existing back-ends to add a rich presentation layer and measure the impact on the existing IT teams. He believes that intuitive user experiences in the Enterprise are key to successful developments of effective, efficient& engaging RIAs.

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