Adam Juda

Adam Juda

Adam spent years working as a technical project manager and software engineer for Fortune 500 companies and a government research lab. A bit over two years ago he launched his firm TapRun Consulting. He helps companies increase their profitability through the use of better pricing and monetization strategies.

Montreal 2017 sessions

A Survey of Terrible SAAS Pricing Pages

English session - Intermediate

Businesses spend years (and fortunes) building software projects, then slap on a price and hope for the best. This is a sure means to go broke.

This presentation will examine some real world pricing pages for famous (and not so famous) SAAS offerings and explain what mistakes are being made and how a few simple tweaks could lead to massive improvements in profitability.

Making the Case for Refactoring to Non-Technical Managers

English session - Beginner

As a developer, I constantly tried to convince my managers to let me refactor our code. I usually failed.

It was only when I was promoted to project manager that I began to think about why there's so much managerial resistance to refactoring.

This presentation will examine why managers push back against code refactoring and how we can help them to understand the value of this vital development process.