Andreas Heigl

Andreas Heigl

Andreas helps solving problems via his company He sometimes even uses code for that. His special interests are in weird topics like time and calendars, odd technologies like LDAP and organizational challenges related to remote work. Besides his family and contributions to different open-source-projects he still finds the time to co-run PHPUGFFM, the PHP-Usergroup in Frankfurt/Main and maintain

Montreal 2023 sessions

The technical aspects of i18n and l10n

English session - Intermediate

Localization and Internationalization are two core concepts to create sites and applications for international users. But the underlying technical challenges and concepts are worth taking a closer look. Like those different locale-strings. Or the differences between language, countries and dialects. And how do they influence the way dates or numbers are formatted? Let's unravel those mysteries to build sites that can truly be international.

When UTC is the answer...

English session - Beginner

… you might have asked the wrong question. In this session we will take a look at time and its oddities. And determine whether the all-time favourite "Use UTC" actually is a good option in each and every case. And if that should not be the case, what other options we have at hands to handle time in our code and in databases.

Montreal 2022 sessions

Montreal 2019 sessions