Andreas Hucks

Andreas Hucks

Andreas Hucks is the CTO of SensioLabs Germany, where he is helping Sensio's clients to build modern, quality web applications. His passions are clean code, testing & quality assurance, automation and application architecture. He has extensive project experience with Symfony throughout its history, doing development, consulting, coaching, and contributing to the framework. As a consultant, Andreas develops application architectures for Sensio's clients. As a long time member of the Symfony commu

Montreal 2017 sessions

Divide and Conquer - Your Business Code and your Framework

English session - Intermediate

Separated layers are one of the fundamental principles of software design. Your framework is the topmost layer, and your business code should not depend on it. While we will touch a few package design basics, the focus is on how to actually *DO* it: Expose the user accounts in your model to your framework without depending on it. Separate form input validation from entities. Isolate ORM-specific code in bridges. And be pragmatic about it.

Symfony Components And Your Legacy Code

English session - Beginner

Symfony Components are the building blocks of the Symfony full stack framework. But they are just as useful to modernize your legacy applications step by step, and to introduce modern coding standards to projects. While getting to grips with the components and learning to use them standalone, a nice side effect of this talk is that it will give you a better insight into how Symfony full stack works as a framework.