Andres Pineda

Andres Pineda

A community-driven tech enthusiast with a practical background in building extraordinary UX for Mobile and Web Applications. I have a particular passion for OSS, A11y and community collaboration.

Montreal 2023 sessions

Build fast with FastAPI

English session - Beginner

The popularity of Python as a language for web development is undoubtedly . Itnd with it is also the set of tools and frameworks available to create and document REST APIs.

In this presentation, we will provide a subtle introduction to the FastAPI framework while enumerating its main features and advantages for building RESTful APIs.

Collections beyond ObservableCollection of T in .NET

English session - Intermediate

Data Collections play an essential role in our applications. How we manage our data can be crucial to their overall performance.

In this presentation, we want to introduce DynamicData, a library that allows developers to bring the power of Reactive Extensions (Rx) to collections.

We will also show how we can leverage DynamicData in our .NET applications.