Ankit Sharma

Ankit Sharma

Full Stack Consultant | GDE for Angular | Microsoft MVP | Author | Speaker | Passionate Programmer

Online 2021 sessions

Building modern web apps with Angular and Firebase

English session - Beginner

Firebase is the Google's mobile and web application development platform. In this session, We will learn how to create a rich web application using Angular and Firebase. We will create an employee management system which uses Angular on the frontend and Google cloud firestore as the database. The application will have Google based authentication configured with the help of Firebase. We will also learn how to deploy the application on Firebase.

Securing Your Web-app Using JWT

English session - Intermediate

Ever increasing cyber-attacks makes security an indispensable part of a modern web application. This session will explain about the importance of web security and how can we secure a modern web application. We will talk about JWT, what is the structure of JWT and how it works. We will also learn how to implement JWT based authentication in a full stack application created using Angular and ASP.NET Core with the help of a code demo.