Anthony Giretti

Anthony Giretti

Anthony Giretti is a senior lead software developer at Marchex in Mississauga, Canada.
He is a technical leader and five-time Microsoft MVP award recipient. Anthony
specializes in web technologies (18 years’ experience) and .NET. His expertise in
technology and IT, and a heartfelt desire to share his knowledge, motivates him to dive
into and embrace any web project, complex or otherwise, in order to help developers
achieve their project goals.

Montreal 2023 sessions

Building clean REST APIs with ASP.NET Core 7

English session - Intermediate

Learn building ASP.NET Core APIs delivered in its latest version of the Microsoft Framework: .NET 7 and C# 11. You will discover the best way of developing WebAPIs with ASP.NET Core 7 and minimal APIs based on RFCs. HTTP protocol, REST principles and ASP.NET Core 7 will no longer be a secret for you. But that's not all! You will also learn how to architecture your API with the best practices, including unit testing and integration testing.

Discovering gRPC-web, the alternative to JSON APIs

English session - Beginner

Get ready for the new technological turn! Discover gRPC-web the alternative to JSON APIs! Using the latest ASP.NET Core 7 framework, I will show you how to build performant web application with Blazor (C#) and Angular (TypeScript) without using any JSON APIs!