Artur Caliendo Prado

Artur Caliendo Prado

Artur has 7 years of experience with Ruby on Rails after 5 working with C#. He worked in the largest magazine publisher in Brazil, building high-performance websites like, with 90 million page views per month and 6 million unique visitors.

He is currently working on Youse, a startup that aims to change the insurance market with a strong focus on innovation and technology. In 2004 he won the 3rd place in the Brazilian stage of Microsoft Imagine Cup.

Montreal 2017 sessions

Moving From a Monolithic to a Microservices Architecture

English session - Advanced

As an application starts to grow, the flexibility that inclined us to build a monolith vanishes. The once reliable system is now prone to errors, bugs leak to unexpected places and new features take a considerable time to be delivered. Spotify, Amazon and Netflix solved these problems moving to microservices, giving back productivity and confidence to developers and stakeholders. I want to share some guidelines that helped me do this transition.

Real-Time Monitoring with Grafana, StatsD and InfluxDB

English session - Intermediate

Grafana allows us to monitor and to query the metrics of our applications in a rich, beautiful dashboard. I would like to share the use case of a Brazilian insurance company where it is saving us money and increasing the speed with which we detect (and fix) problems.