Ary Bressane

Ary Bressane

Ary Bressane is the Head of the Data Innovation Lab at mnubo. He is passionate about build data driven solutions using Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. As the co-organizer of MTL Data Meetup, he works close to the community to share knowedge and learn new about use cases. With over 10 years of hands on experience, Ary is leading the development of new products and technologies.

Montreal 2020 sessions

How to build smarter products with Data and AI

English session - Intermediate

Developing an AI product goes well beyond building an accurate machine learning model. In addition to the traditional product management components present in AI applications, data adds complexity to the system, from ingestion and validation to model deployment and UX. In this presentation you will learn about the lifecycle of data science projects, the challenges of building data products, and some lessons learned.

Montreal 2019 sessions