Billy Gregory

Billy Gregory

Billy Gregory is the Director of Training with The Paciello Group. In his spare time, Billy is active in the Accessibility Community as Co-Organizer of "A11yTO" which organizes Accessibility Camp Toronto and it's monthly meet-up group.

Montreal 2018 sessions

#SUX: Some Users' Experience

English session - Beginner

When UX doesn't consider ALL users, shouldn't it be known as "SOME Users’ Experience" or... #SUX?

When we don’t consider all users, we only consider some. \ Even designs that might be deemed “accessible” are not always usable.

In this fun and informative talk, Billy Gregory will examine design trends and accepted best practices that fail to incorporate the needs to all users.

AD, CC and Me: Lessons Learned in DIY Video Accessibility

English session - Beginner

"If accessibility is all about inclusion, videos about accessibility should be too."

This presentation will set out to accomplish two goals, to serve as a Case Study and a video accessibility primer. The overall goal of these combined tasks is to use The Viking and The Lumberjack as example of how two people, with no prior "hands on" video accessibility experience, were able to produce a video series that was entertaining, and inclusive.

Vancouver 2016 sessions