Christian Heilmann

Christian Heilmann

Web Developer for over 12 years, wrote several books on JavaScript and Accessibility, spoke at 42 conference in the last two years and passionate to bring more interesting topics to new audiences.

Montreal 2017 sessions

The Progressive Web and its New Challenges

English session - Beginner

A lot has happened in the big fight of native vs. web and closed vs open. Using new browser technologies and old and tested ideas we can now build products that cover all bases. If you want to deliver to customers of today and the ones just getting online, consider Progressive Web Apps as a solution. In this keynote Chris Heilmann will show the why and the how of this approach to delivering content that installs on demand and yet works offline.

The Soul in The Machine - Developing for Humans

English session - Intermediate

As a market, we're very introspective. We love to talk about optimising our code, our tools and our environments. We forget that we build for humans and that as humans, we make mistakes. Let's use machine learning to build interfaces that help humans do the tasks they came for. Accessible to all, extensible for some and documented for our own peace of mind. Computers are our tools, we're not here for them. Let's replace magic with common sense.

Montreal 2011 sessions