Christopher Harrison

Christopher Harrison

Christopher Harrison is a self proclaimed geek who has managed to turn what he loves doing into a career. At present, he's a software development engineer at Microsoft. He's created content published to and Microsoft Virtual Academy, covering the full web stack, ASP.NET and OSS.

Christopher got his first exposure to computers when his father brought home a Vic-20. After graduating on to a Commodore 64, and eventually PCs, he realized there was a career to be had "playing" with tech.

Montreal 2017 sessions

Creating Bots

English session - Intermediate

Bots and conversational apps give you the opportunity to bring your apps to your users right where they are. Users can interact with you via various messaging services, including text messages. Not only does this mean they don't need to install yet another app, they can access the information and services they want directly, without navigating a UI. This session will show you how to get a bot up and running quickly using Bot Framework.

Python for non-Python developers

English session - Beginner

Python is one of the most popular programming languages, and one of the most flexible. You can create basically any type of code you need: object oriented, procedural, functional... It can be used to create any type of application, and is used in many big data scenarios. You can also get up and running in a short period of time if you’re experienced with another programming language. The goal of this session is to get you up and running in 60min.

TypeScript for JavaScript Developers

English session - Beginner

JavaScript is a flexible and powerful language. The problem, though, is this power comes at a cost. Writing clean JavaScript can be a challenge, debugging simple problems can be a nightmare, and even the smallest app’s code can quickly turn to spaghetti. TypeScript allows JavaScript developers to take advantage of OOP functionality offered in languages like Java and C#, and build upon the skills they already have, to create elegant code.

Vancouver 2016 sessions