Christopher Neugebauer

Christopher Neugebauer

Christopher is an Australian programmer who lives in the Tasmanian city of Hobart. He is strongly interested in developing the Australian and International Python communities: he is director of 2017, a past convenor of PyCon Australia, a board member of Linux Australia, and has been a fellow of the Python Software Foundation since 2013.

Montreal 2017 sessions

I forgot how to do SQL, and you can too!

English session - Beginner

Object-Relational mappers are nothing new. The popular Django web framework's ORM has been around for more than ten years now.

Historically, ORMs have only really been good for simple queries and make upgrading models difficult. Not any more!

These days, Django features support for some very complex queries, and a migration platform that's actually enjoyable to use. I've forgotten how to code SQL: find out if you can too!

Stop Writing More Tests!

English session - Intermediate

Writing tests is tedious. Rather than writing your own tests, you should get your computer to do it for you! Hypothesis is a Python testing library that lets you specify properties of your code that should hold, and it generates the data for you. This means that you get literally thousands of test cases with minimal effort. See how you can get better tests by writing fewer test cases!

Montreal 2016 sessions