Darrel Miller

Darrel Miller

Darrel is an Principal Program Manager at Microsoft responsible for Microsoft Graph developer tooling. He has been building distributed business applications on the Microsoft platform for more than 20 years. He is an active member of the .NET community and OSS contributor. He is a member of the OpenAPI Technical Steering Committee and a member of several Microsoft API review boards. He co-authored the O'Reilly book, Designing Evolvable Web APIs with ASP.NET.

Online 2021 sessions

Describe your HTTP APIs and discover a world of tooling!

English session - Intermediate

OpenAPI is the industry leading format for describing HTTP APIs. With a low barrier to entry, and a large ecosystem of tools, this format can bring tremendous savings to teams that work with HTTP APIs. Let me take you on a journey through an OpenAPI description and highlight where tools can be used to make every developer's life easier.

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