David Hayes

David Hayes

David is a developer from Fort Collins, Colorado. He's been working with PHP for almost a decade, and does a lot of intensive backend work, a fair bit of Javascript, and dabbles with CSS sometimes. While I'm big into WordPress — he co-owns and runs the popular development tutorial site WPShout (http://wpshout.com) — he's got experience with everything from old school PHP to the latest and greatest of Symfony and Laravel.

Montreal 2017 sessions

Learn Unit Testing with Katas

English session - Beginner

In this talk we'll introduce the core concepts of unit testing and TDD — what it is, how it's done, why it matters — and then jump into doing it with one of the most time-tested techniques to comfortably start to get comfortable with the idea: code katas.
Code Katas are a systematic practice where you solve a specific code problem for about 25 minutes. After that, you throw the code away! This means they're the ideal way to learn.

The Present and Future of WordPress's REST API

English session - Intermediate

With WordPress 4.4 came the infrastructure to make creating REST endpoints in WordPress easier. These are the first step to the project's goal of making all site's content available via a standard set of REST endpoints which finally let people abandon the project's historic XML-RPC endpoint. In this session we'll talk about what WordPress's REST infrastructure enables today, what that means for developers, and what the future looks like.