David Pilato

David Pilato

David Pilato is Developer at elastic and French spoken language User Group creator. In his free time, he likes talking about elasticsearch in conferences or in companies (Brown Bag Lunches).

Montreal 2018 sessions

Advanced search for your legacy application

French session - Beginner

How do you mix SQL and NoSQL worlds without starting a messy revolution?

This 100% live coding talk will show you how to add Elasticsearch to your legacy application without changing all your current development habits. Your application will have suddenly have advanced search features, all without the need to write complex SQL code!

Ingest node: enriching documents within Elasticsearch

French session - Beginner

Wanna transform your documents on the fly before indexing them into elasticsearch? Node ingest is built for you.

The talk will also cover the reindex api, which can be used in combination with ingest pipelines to modify data while reindexing.

Last but not least, I'll tell you how to write your own Ingest processor in Java as a plugin! Our own processor will convert postal addresses from/to geo points.

Vancouver 2017 sessions