Denis Boudreau

Denis Boudreau

Denis Boudreau is a principal Web accessibility consultant and trainer, working for Deque Systems. A member of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) in both the Education and Outreach (EOWG) and the Accessibility Guidelines (AGWG) working groups, he has been advocating social and digital inclusion for the past 17 years. An admitted nerd with a fixation on UX and design, he has a passion for interfaces that emotionally resonate, are beautifully engaging and delightfully accessible.

Montreal 2018 sessions

Digital accessibility in the age of artificial intelligence

English session - Beginner

Technologies based on the promise of artificial intelligence are radically changing, not only the way we develop the Web, but also how millions of people with disabilities use it. What will the impact of these technologies be for those who build the Web, and how can they benefit the whole of humanity? This is what we’ll explore together in this presentation, as we’ll foresee what the digital future will be made of and what our jobs will become.

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