Eric De Carufel

Eric De Carufel

Passionate, concerned, and careful are qualities describing Éric, for whom software development is a constant quest for improvement to strike a balance between perfection and customer needs. His architectural approach is simple: to develop an architecture where it is easier to apply good practices than bad ones. His involvement as a speaker and blogger is recognized by Microsoft, which awarded to him the prize of "Most Valuable Professional in Visual C#" (C# MVP) from 2009 to 2016.

Montreal 2017 sessions

Refactoring vers les Design patterns

French session - Beginner

Dans cette présentation nous verrons une brève introduction aux design patterns, leur origine et pourquoi nous devrions les apprendre après quoi nous passerons le reste du temps à transformer un exemple de code en appliquant certains des « patterns » les plus communs comme : factory, decorator, composite, command, …

Top 5 best ways to improve your code

English session - Beginner

Write once read many. Stop rediscovering what you already figured out. In this presentation we will see five effective low-cost refactoring practices that will help improve the clarity of your code. You should take time once to make your code easier to read so no one else will have to spend that time again. In this session you will gain valuable tips to help you accomplish just that.

Montreal 2015 sessions

Montreal 2014 sessions