Fawaz Ghali

Fawaz Ghali

Fawaz Ghali is a Developer Advocate at Hazelcast with 20+ years’ experience in software developments, machine learning and real-time intelligent applications. He holds a PhD in Computer Science and has worked in the private sector as well as Academia as a Researcher and Senior Lecturer. He has published over 46 scientific papers in the fields of machine learning and data science. His strengths and skills lie within the fields of low latency applications, IoT & Edge, distributed systems and cloud

Montreal 2023 sessions

Efficient Microservices Deployment in the Cloud

English session - Intermediate

Deploying microservices in the cloud requires efficiency in data sharing and separation of functionality. Having multiple microservices, written in various programming languages, is a challenging task, not only for deployment but also for management in terms of performance, reliability and fault tolerance. This talk will address those challenges and provide solutions using the Hazelcast open source platform.

Scaling Real-time Machine Learning made Easy

English session - Beginner

Deploying real-time machine learning models has its own challenges: such as complexity, scalability and performance. In this seminar, Fawaz will address those challenges and demonstrate the best practices for real-time machine learning models, written in Python, Java or using remote services, from training to inference and deployment with ultra-low latency at scale and at speed, using the Hazelcast platform.