Gabriel Fournier

Gabriel Fournier

Gabriel learnt BASIC whilst reading his graphing calculator's manual and trying stuff.
It wouldn't occur to him that he'd just learnt programming out of boredom in his classes until a few months later.

Twenty years later, Gabriel is still trying most anything that takes his fancy. Or might solve his current issue.
Things will most likely not work, and yet provide very useful learning experiences.

What's the worst that could happen if we try this new and shiny tool?

Montreal 2024 sessions

Feature Flags: Often praised, seldom talked about

English session - Beginner

Feature Flags. Feature Toggles. Canaries. A/B Testing. ...
Many a talk at ConFoo and less well fed conferences will refer to using feature flags as a way to enable seamless integration into a very aggressive release schedule.

Feature Flags are an extremely simple yet powerful tool to streamline integration of complex features.

We'll cover many a known implementation strategies for feature flags so you can become an advocate too.

I have 100% Coverage! Why did I have a regression?!?

English session - Intermediate

Test coverage is a metric often used to quantify the maturity of a project's testing.

Whilst low numbers indicate a lack of tests on the project, high coverage doesn't account for the quality of the tests being run.

And most testing frameworks have quirks and pitfalls.
Have you tested that your project's tests actually fail when they should?
Mutation Testing does that so you know which tests are trustworthy and which ones need work.