Guy Nesher

Guy Nesher

Guy Nesher is a consultant at Codevalue specializing in JavaScript and related web technologies. He divides his time between helping customers adopting best practices to modern web design and mentoring / teaching. Mozilla tech speaker & InfoQ editor

Montreal 2020 sessions

JavaScript Indie Game Development

English session - Beginner

Javascript is probably not the first language that pops to mind when thinking about Game development. It's not particularly fast, OOP support is a little special and most games don't really target the browser. Yet a small but growing community is doing just that - with amazing results. This talk will demonstrate how to build a Steam ready desktop application in JavaScript, in 45 minutes.

The death and rebirth of cross platform mobile development

English session - Intermediate

It seems that every year a new tech giant announces the death of cross-platform mobile development.
The solutions are too slow (Facebook), too complex (Dropbox), or not mature enough (Airbnb). With so many negative reviews it can be quite surprising to see an ever-increasing number of companies that choose to use these solutions. This talk will try to answer the why's and the how's of the wonderful world that is cross-platform mobile development