Hannes Van De Vreken

Hannes Van De Vreken

Software Engineer and Developer Advocate at getstream.io, open source user and contributor, blogger, organiser of meetups in Belgium and also a marathon runner.

Montreal 2018 sessions

IoC container beyond constructor injection

English session - Advanced

Did you know your IoC container can do a whole lot more than just constructor injection? Besides that it is actually packed with features. Inflectors, resolving callbacks, aliasing, method invocation to name a few. In this talk you'll learn how to leverage the power of a container to write better, testable, loosely coupled code. Well designed code put together by your IoC container will make your apps SOLID, modular, lean and decoupled framework!

PHP PSR-7 HTTP messages in the wild

English session - Intermediate

PSR-7 describes common interfaces for representing HTTP messages. This talk will explain the interfaces defined by PSR-7, how they define the future of interoperability between frameworks and tools. After that there will be a showcase of several tools such as zend's diactoros package, Guzzle v6, and other packages that show the real power of shared interfaces for HTTP. Learn how you can start using these typed objects in your applications today.