Ilia Alshanetsky

Ilia Alshanetsky

Over the last 10 years Ilia has been heavily involved in development of PHP, as a Core Developer and Release Master, authoring many extensions and language improvements. Ilia is also quite interested in security and performance, and frequently is writing or speaking on these and other PHP related topics. In his spare time he pretends to be a pro-photographer and engages

Montreal 2022 sessions

Introduction to Clickhouse

English session - Beginner

Clickhouse is a high performance, time-series database that allows storage of massive amounts of rapidly queriable data. In this session, we'll do a brief introduction to how clickhouse works, its optimal use cases, some neat features that make a huge difference when gathering statistics, and the different ways you can interact with it from PHP.

Queuing Worker Engine via PHP-FPM

English session - Beginner

People who have worked with PHP, are familiar with PHP-FPM as the process behind their web server doing the work to execute PHP code. However it also has a huge, understated capability as a very reliable worker engine for queuing systems, which brings all the advantages of opcode cache, persistent connections to databases and alike, etc... This session will outline through a proof of concept how this can work and the advantages of this approach.

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