Jason Charnes

Jason Charnes

Jason is a Senior Software Developer at Lensrentals. Outside of his addiction to software development, Jason is passionate about fatherhood, mental health, loyalty programs, and the city of Memphis.

Montreal 2018 sessions

Using Ruby to Get out of Debt

English session - Beginner

Recently, Ruby came in handy helping one developer calculate how to get out of debt. When trying to pay off debt, it's difficult to keep up with accrued interest, payments amount, and more. A moderately complex calculation turned into an easy to use command line tool with Ruby.

Learn how to build a command line tool with Ruby to address everyday problems while offloading your mental variables and state into Ruby.

Your Views Know Too Much

English session - Intermediate

The logical place to put view-related logic is in your view, right? “A little logic here, a little logic there,” but all of a sudden you hardly recognize your views! A quick glance at the code and you can’t tell your server side language apart from your HTML. Don’t worry; this is a fun opportunity for some refactoring! Learn several approaches you can start using today to clean up your views.

Montreal 2017 sessions