Jason Charnes

Jason Charnes

Jason is a developer at LensRentals.com. Outside of his addiction to development, Jason is passionate about mental health, loyalty programs, the city of Memphis, and whiskey.

Montreal 2017 sessions

A Handy Look at Hanami

English session - Beginner

What if there was a full-stack framework in Ruby that was focused on being lightweight, structurally pure and fun to use? There is! Say hello to Hanami. Hanami is a modern, full-stack, web framework for Ruby. You'll have an opportunity to see a different approach to approach MVC (Model, View, Controller) in Ruby. We'll be building a web application from scratch using the tools Hanami gives us.

Crystal: Fast(er) Ruby

English session - Intermediate

Ruby is attractive because of how expressive and fun it is to write, not because of its speed. Ruby gets the job done most of the time. However, what happens when you need that extra speed boost? Now you can reach for Crystal. Crystal is a compiled, statically-typed language with Ruby-like syntax. You'll have a chance to see how easy Crystal is to install, how it compares to Ruby, and a chance to see how to convert a Ruby script into Crystal.