Jonathan Duquette

Jonathan Duquette

In short, I've started my first business at 16 years old. At 20 I decided to launch my first application where I wanted to use "Ai" to suggest bars, restaurants and other things to do in fonction of ours clients profile. My co-founder made me understood that we would need a lot of data but we were vey limited by our small budget. My partner and I decided to take the challenge of creating a new database that would never be impacted by the file size. Mission accomplish.

Montreal 2018 sessions

The B-Tree, the biggest problem of Ai?

English session - Intermediate

For more than 45 years, everyone thought the problem was the processing power. For us, it was clear the problem was the B-Tree because the cost of processing a find operation grows as the logarithm of the file size.

This ideology is the opposite of intelligence because while we are growing up, we generate more and more data, but with time, we are not getting slower, in fact, we just become more intelligent!

We reinvented database, come see