K. Devin McIntyre

K. Devin McIntyre

Ever since I started teaching myself as a kid, programming has been both fun and frustrating. I am now in my tenth year professionally. I am a currently working full-stack in an AWS serverless environment.

My hobbies include reading and writing sci-fi and fantasy, volleyball, and tea.

Montreal 2022 sessions

Getting Started with Unit Testing

English session - Beginner

Many people who struggle with unit testing have questions like these: How do I find the time for writing and maintaining unit tests? What should I be testing? How do I even write the tests? In this talk, I will answer these questions, including discussing how you can replace the trial-and-error part of your coding with "unit test trials" instead of manual trials to speed up your work and increase quality at the same time. Examples in JavaScript.

Vanilla JS Web Components

English session - Intermediate

Self-contained vanilla web components can be included in any framework. You can use these techniques to build a dependency-free small app with almost no overhead, or to create cross-framework shared UI modules.

I will show you how these features to create a small standalone app: custom elements; shadow DOM; templates; CSS custom properties (variables); semantic HTML with aria; ES6 import/export; DOMParser.