Katie McLaughlin

Katie McLaughlin

Katie has worn many different hats over the years. She has previously been a software developer for many languages, systems administrator for multiple operating systems, and speaker on many different topics.

When she's not changing the world, she enjoys making tapestries, cooking, and seeing just how well various application stacks handle emoji.

Montreal 2018 sessions

How a single smiley face can ruin your day

English session - Beginner

The smiley face. :)

It can be used to express happiness or excitement, but it can also cause XSS vulnerabilities, let alone display issues. ?

Join Katie in this whirlwind tour about how a single unicode character can corrupt your database, cause cross-site scripting issues, and many other interesting side effects, when all you want to do is show a happy face :D

Javascript is Awe-ful

English session - Intermediate

JavaScript is an incredibly powerful language, and extremely accessible, but is subject to sometimes vitriolic abuse from other language communities for it's 'footguns' or WATs.

We will discuss the history of JavaScript, it's future, and how it's common pitfalls can be worked around. We will also tour over a dozen other language WATs to show that it's not just JavaScript that can cause developers pain.