Ken Coar

Ken Coar

Ken Coar, an open sourcerer and opinionist, has written code for 40+ years. He currently works for Red Hat, was one of the founders of The Apache Software Foundation and served on its board of directors for years, and was responsible for the ApacheCon conferences for several years as well. He also served on the board of the Open Source Initiative. Currently he prefers to write code in Ruby, but has contributed to rubygems, CPAN, PHP, and Apache httpd.

Montreal 2018 sessions

The Myth of Culture

English session - Beginner

In today's increasingly connected world, the word "culture" appears in communities a lot. Unfortunately, it's not a single-value term. In many cases the founders of a culture are unaware of how their ideals have morphed, and acquired altered or additional definitions. In this talk I intend to describe some of the factors that contribute to this sort of 'fuzzing' of consensual understanding of the term.

Using Ruby's Marshal module to checkpoint tasks

English session - Intermediate

Interruptions are a fact of life. Power failures, network outages, hardware failures -- all can be *really* irksome when you have some long-running complex task or calculation underway. And inventing ways to save & restore state can be drudgery and error-prone.

Ruby's Marshal module can help. It serialises data, instances, whatever, into a saveable state -- and lets you restore from it later. I'll show you how, with examples.

Montreal 2016 sessions

Montreal 2011 sessions