Konrad Kokosa

Konrad Kokosa

Author of the Pro .NET Memory Management book. Programming for over a dozen years, solving performance problems and architectural puzzles in the .NET world, speeding up web applications. Independent consultant, blogger, speaker and fan of Twitter. He also shares his passion as a trainer in the area of .NET, especially about application performance and diagnostics. Microsoft MVP in the Visual Studio and Development Tools category. Co-founder of https://dotnetos.org initiative.

Montreal 2020 sessions

High-performance code design patterns in C#

English session - Intermediate

More and more effort is being seen in .NET ecosystem put into the performance. Quite often we are seeing a new benchmark or blog post about memory allocations being reduced or overall throughput is increased. But how all this is achieved? Can any common code patterns be recognized, named and summarized in a modern C#, at the times of C# 8.0 and .NET Core 3.0? I believe we can provide a kind of Gang Of Four "design patterns" counterpart.

Why managed memory is fooling us?

English session - Beginner

We all have been fooled! They told us that automatic memory management will solve all our problems. In managed worlds like .NET, JVM and others there is no memory leak, they said. You will never need to think about freeing memory manually. There is no need to think about memory management at all, they said. And they all lied! In this talk I would like to open your eyes on some low-level stuff that is going inside your applications and runtimes.