Malgorzata Borzecka

Malgorzata Borzecka

Gosia Borzecka is an Office365 Developer at Intelligent Decisioning Ltd. She is a full stack .NET developer with over 6-year experience. The last two years she focuses more on SharePoint and Office 365. She spends her spare time to share knowledge, teaching kids programming and co-organizing monthly workshops:
Tweets at @GosiaBorzecka and blog on

Montreal 2019 sessions

Cognitive Services Extravaganza!

English session - Beginner

Machine Learning, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence. These are all big words we hear coming into our businesses lately - but what does it really mean?!
Microsoft has created a set of simple and scalable tools that any developer can use and integrate into their applications super quickly!
This session will focus on the various Cognitive Service offerings and show you plenty of demos on how to use them in your apps!

You should add more Speech API in your bot!

English session - Intermediate

Your bot is doing well but what if you add some more intelligence to it such as speaking? Or speaking and translating at the same time? Isn't this great for your clients or your employees?
Come and see how to add Microsoft Speech API to your bot and what to add more to find your business requirements for speaking and translating bot!