Marc Perez

Marc Perez

I had the honor and privilege to work as an SEO specialist for one of the world's biggest companies in terms of website traffic. I created and managed the Web Performance Optimization departement. Collaborating with the Director of Engineering and his team of engineers, we were able to cut down on the page load time of many extremely high traffic websites from 30 seconds, to a mere 3 seconds.

Montreal 2018 sessions

Speed Date With An SEO / SEM / WPO Specialist

English session - Beginner

In this presentation I will talk about as many SEO / SEM / WPO facts as I can in 30 minutes. Learn how to setup your site up properly to optimize your local business on search engine, how to handle sites with multiple languages or internationally and how to properly implement AJAX for maximum search engine bot crawlability.

Montreal 2017 sessions