Mehdi Lahmam

Mehdi Lahmam

Mehdi is making the main Rails API run smoothly at by day; playing with his 1 year old son and trying to grow carrots by night.
He's also co-organizing RuLu (, the oldest Ruby conference in France, and organized Sainté Mobile Days conference ( and Web en Vert meetup (
In a previous life, he co-founded Craftsmen, a software design and development company that built custom web products for its clients during 7 years.

Montreal 2018 sessions

Advanced Rack

English session - Beginner

A deep dive into Rack, a piece of code we all use in Ruby world, but don't always fully understand.

Confident refactors

French session - Intermediate

This talk is walk through of a simple-but-not-trivial legacy refactor example inspired by a real world code base. We will gain confidence thanks to some tools, from manually recording calls to verifying old & new code against them, to running it in a double-entry mode appropriate for staging environments, and finally with production fallback measures until we're certain the change is safe.