Michael Peacock

Michael Peacock

Michael is a software engineer and consultant CTO helping early stage SaaS startups build products, teams and processes.

When he isn’t developing software, Michael can often be found speaking or writing about it.

Montreal 2018 sessions

Alexa, let's make a skill

English session - Beginner

Let's build our first Alexa skill with the Serverless framework. We we will walk through the key concepts of an Alexa skill and the Alexa ecosystem, build a skill, test and deploy it to Amazon Lambda. Alexa responds with both voice and visual clues depending on the device you use, so we will look at how to make the most of our users device be it an Echo, Echo Show, a FireTV or a Fire Tablet

API Development with Laravel

English session - Beginner

Laravel makes it really easy to build APIs, we will explore how to use it to build powerful and flexible APIs. We will cover how to use Passport to support oAuth authentication, how to build flexible responses with Transformers and how to rapidly build RESTful logic in our application.

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