Paul Fenwick

Paul Fenwick

Paul Fenwick is an internationally acclaimed public speaker, developer, and science educator. Paul is well known for presenting on a diverse range of topics including privacy, neuroscience and neuroethics, Klingon programming, open source, depression and mental health, advancements in science, diversity, autonomous agents, and minesweeper automation. His dynamic presentation style and quirky humour has delighted audiences worldwide.

Vancouver 2017 sessions

Asteroid Mining: Will Space Solve our Resource Shortage?

English session - Beginner

As humanity continues to industrialise and advance technologically, deposits of accessible minerals are being exhausted,leading to concerns of global shortages of rare materials over the next 40 years. But many minerals that are rare on Earth are abundant in space,and space-based-solar is an order of magnitude more productive without night or atmosphere.

Will the industrialisation of space solve our resource and energy shortages of the future?

Manage all your tasks with TaskWarrior

English session - Beginner

TaskWarrior is a free, open source, command-line tool for managing task lists. We'll explore:

- Getting started with a simple workflow
- Setting up useful reports
- Managing multiple projects
- Integration with github, JIRA, and Trello (and more!)
- Putting your task-list in your shell prompt
- Writing your own TaskWarrior extensions

Vancouver 2016 sessions

Montreal 2016 sessions

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