Pim Elshoff

Pim Elshoff

Like you, Pim is on a quest to do things a little bit better every time. As a scrum developer, he has extensive experience with solid coding, patient mentoring and tackling big projects using Domain Driven Design.

Presentations by Pim are always fun, engaging and conversational. But don't fret; if you just want to listen and let others speak, it wíll be worth your time.

Pim has seen many clients that all share a common goal: getting the very most out of their software.

Montreal 2019 sessions

Refactoring the Domain Guided by Tests

English session - Intermediate

Legacy code is code that makes money. But we have an opportunity to refactor when tickets and feature requests come in. How are we going to make sure we don't break things?
Using a test first approach we will turn this dumb data container into a rich and meaningful domain model. This gives us the confidence to tackle new challenges, without fear of regression. If you know about tests but don't know how to get started, then this is for you.

Technically DDD

English session - Beginner

You may have heard Domain Driven Design is a tool to write readable and change-ready code. You may have heard it comes with a lot of talking, and modelling, and customers...
Come find out what DDD can do for you, tomorrow. We'll use value objects, entities and services to bring order to our mind and code. We'll see how naming things can guide us, but also trick us. And tomorrow you can tell your peers that, technically, you're doing DDD.