Ramzi Maalej

Ramzi Maalej

Co-founder and CTO of Veamly
Founding member of OpenAPI Generator (https://openapi-generator.tech)

Ramzi has a background in software engineering with 12 years of experience. After finishing his master degree from the University of Sherbrooke, he started working as a consultant in Montreal, where he served large organizations like Morgan Stanley, Bell, Videotron. Late in 2015, Ramzi moved to New York to join ThoughtWorks. In 2017, he moved to San Francisco to start his own company.

Montreal 2019 sessions

Building an event sourcing app with Spring boot and Axon

English session - Advanced

In this presentation, I will show you how to build a spring boot application that implements the event-sourcing pattern using Axon. I will also be covering how to write JUnit tests in this context. In addition, I will be demonstrating how to use snapshots to increase the application performance. Finally, you will learn how this pattern helps in capturing business events and generating analytics.

Rapid API development with OpenAPI generator

English session - Beginner

In this presentation, I will show you how to use OpenAPI generator to increase backend and front-end engineers collaboration in developing and consuming Rest APIs. I will also share some tips on how we integrated this tool into our CI/CD pipelines to automate and unify Rest API client generation across all teams within our organization. Although OpenAPI generator supports 30+ languages, Java will be used as a programming language in all examples.